Why coaching?

Extensive studies show coaching can create a powerful force for change and prosperity in the workplace and beyond. A tailored coaching program positively affects an individual’s performance and skill, well-being and coping strategies, as well as conflict management and work attitude.

Catherine Twiss Consulting offers a range of coaching services tailored to individuals and/or organisations. Our coaching programs go beyond the resolution of behaviour problems or poor performance issues and incoporate a focus on development and growth.

Clients choose Catherine Twiss Consulting for a number of reasons — from feeling ‘stuck’ and unsure how to move their organisation forward, or ready to try something different but unsure what that something is— to redressing skills deficit and developing executive-level skills.

In short I help people move from where they are —to where they want themselves or the organisation to be.

Typical areas of coaching covered:

In my coaching practice, I use a variety of evidence based tools to enhance self-awareness and growth like:

  • MBTI Accredited (Steps I & II, MBTI Complete), CPP Asia Pacific
  • Benchmarks & Skillscope (360o feedback instrument)
  • California Personality Inventory, CPP Asia Pacific
  • Kraybill conflict styles
  • Career Leverage
  • DiSC