Leadership resilience


Leaders play a crucial role in shaping the collective culture of an organisation.  Faced with rapid change and increasing complexity on a global scale presents huge challenge for leaders. Not only is there pressure to recover quickly from adversity (bounce back) leaders are expected to bounce forward and respond with agility to new and ever changing realties.

In essence, leaders need resilience — not just for themselves — but to enable them to role model resilient behaviours across their organisation.

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We recommend leaders, managers and employees with people management responsibilities participate in a Full day Workshop of 6 Ways to Boost Resilience for Leaders. This dual-focus program boosts your personal resilience and increases your capacity to boost the resilience of your employees.

6 ways to Boost ResilienceTM  for Leaders — Full Day Workshop

This full-day workshop assists you to:

  • understand and explore how to develop yourself as a resilient leader as well as measure your baseline resilience;
  • understand each of the 6 ways to Boost ResilienceTM and its application to your role as leader and beyond
  • formulate a strategy to build a resilient organisation.

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